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Free jQuery Plugin Flipbook Maker

We are getting bored with Flash plug-ins because they take up our space while not that effective enough to boost web visits
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9 May 2014

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This is a flipbook maker tool.

Free jQuery Plugin Flipbook Maker helps create flipbooks that are HTML5 compatible. jQuery is a JavaScript library and is fast, small, and feature-rich. This library helps make HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax very simple. It offers an easy-to-use API. This standardized API helps make the HTML content created compatible with all the popular browsers. The flipbooks created can not only have very realistic 3D flipping of pages, you could use rich media elements such as YouTube video, audios, images, etc. You will be able to use convenient navigations bars, so that visitors to your site will be impressed. They are likely to spend time checking out the information presented and take actions. Actions such as buying products and services that you are trying to sell are highly likely. The page editor available in the tool will let you personalize the rich media content. The good part of that is you do not need any programming skill at all to create these documents.

JQuery is a well-known programming tool that enables impressive interactive interface for programs. One big advantage for this alternative is that the content created can be read by very popular Apple devices. Apple devices do not support the flash technology anymore. Hyperlinks can be added to the media elements. As, you save your project as A plug-in of the web page, the whole content becomes searchable by the engines. You get due credit in rankings by the search engines. This is a very good tool.

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We are getting bored with Flash plug-ins because they take up our space while not that effective enough to boost web visits. Now we get the solution to resolve the problem! Fliphtml5 creates JQuery based plug-ins that could be searchable to the main stream search engines like Google, and rid all the defects of Flash based plug-ins. Besides, JQuery based plug-ins brings the very fantastic viewing experience that Flash based plug-ins can hardly compete! It has interactive interface and multiple rich media that can tremendously impress your clients. When you add your Jquery based plug-in to your web pages, it takes little space of your web pages while helping tremendously increase your page clicking rate and bring huge potential clients.
1.Knowledge about JQuery based plug-in.
JQuey is a widely celebrated programming tool that enables fabulous and powerful interactive interface for programs in current period. We apply the cutting edge technology on Fliphtml5 and when you save your project created to local, the project will be totally JQuery based but not flash with riveting page flipping animations. And when you save your project as plug-in and add it to your web pages, the whole content of your flipbook will be friendly to the search engines.
2. Rich media embedding tools:
When you add you flip book to your web pages as plug-ins, your clients will be so much impressed not only because of its distinctive flipping effects and convenient navigations bars, but because of its rich media such as YouTube video, audios, images, etc. you may use the page editor to personalize your own rich media and no programming knacks are needed at all. It's been proved that rich media can greatly inspire clients thus help improve business sales.
3.Import hyperlinks to direct clients to your web store.
As a rich media, hyperlinks can be integrated to your flip book as well.
Free jQuery Plugin Flipbook Maker
Free jQuery Plugin Flipbook Maker
Version 2.9
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